English Bay Tea Company is proud to have stemmed from generations of artisan tea makers of old. We use only the finest imported tea leaves and herbs from around the globe, and blend them together with the utmost care in small batches to ensure quality and consistency are maintained across our selection.

Quality ingredients

We source only the finest spices, herbs and tea leaves from around the world to ensure quality and medicinal potential meet our sophisticated expectations.

An additional infusion

Our teas are medicinally infused with 300mg of dried psilocybin cubensis for those seeking a calming microdosing experience that can be savoured and enjoyed.

A microdose is considered to be 1/10 –  5/10 of a “trip” dose. Our teas are gently dosed at 300mg in order to offer an effective and consistent infusion.

Two general protocols are recognised as recommended to microdose with our teas. 1 tea per day for 5 days, with 2 days off or 1 tea every 3 days.

Our soothing tea blends offer a soothing microdosing experience by helping to relax the body. Further enhancing the positive and uplifting benefits of microdosing.

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